Frequent Flyers

Fly 30 feet high – Flyboarding is the ultimate rush!

St.kitts Flyboarding is pleased to share this new experience with you. Whether your looking to fly 30 feet high like “IRON MAN” or swim like a dolphin, Flyboarding is the newest and most exhilarating rush out there. Flyboarding is very safe and easy to learn! We have had a 100% success rate within the first half hour, and many have called it the ‘highlight of their vacation’. There truly is nothing else quite like Flyboarding in St. Kitts. Lessons are done at Reggae Beach; a great place to relax and spend the day. As you Flyboard, feel free to have a friend ride on the back of the jetski to get pictures of a lifetime.

First time Flyboarders are encouraged to learn for an hour, as the first 15-20 minutes of the first lesson is spent getting your balance and flying a few feet above the water to get comfortable. After that, the possibilities are endless! Fly up 30 feet, dive like a dolphin, even try a backflip. Whatever you’d like to try, our instructors can help coach you and get you there. Try Flyboarding today!

After your first hour lesson you can do shorter sessions:

Time                              Cost (USD)
Per Hour                         $200
45 min session              $180
30 min session              $130
15 min session              $70

To book your lesson please email us at or call us at 1.869.762.3543


** All prices do not include a 17% VAT charge **